My biggest show to date was opening, with Mark Haze, for Bon Jovi at the Cape Town Stadium in May 2013 on their Because We Can tour. I have played hundreds of other live gigs, from small to big, too many to start mentioning. 


I have many guitars, some would say too many, but mainly I play a Fender jazz bass or P bass. I also enjoy my Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray 5, a Sterling by Musicman Ray 35,  aYamaha TRB and a NS Design electric upright bass.... Truth be told, the tone is in the fingers ;-) 
I play through a Gallien Krueger amp, or whatever is available ;-)
My pedals include a SansAmp Bass driver DI, an MXR M87 compressor, MXR octave, MXR bassenvelope filter,  a TC Electronic HOF reverb mini, a MI Audio Crunch box a Boss TU3 tuner and a Line 6 wireless.
For personal monitoring I like to use my quad driver 1964Ears in-ear monitors.
Email me (link below) if you want me to play for you.